Hi I’m Lala – a first time momma! I’m a Filipino living in America and I’m not a writer nor a blogger. Writing is not my passion and blogging is not my passion either. I don’t have a passion. In fact, I consider myself passionless (no passion… haha!) but I decided to create this blog out of boredom (this doesn’t mean I have nothing to do or not enjoying mommahood). I’m also a new mom and the world is in lockdown. There’s nowhere to go but in this 4 corners of our house and actually even if I can go somewhere I still can’t because i need to look after my 3-month old son so I’m double lockdown.

I actually miss going to work (just going, not working) and have a few laughs while drinking my coffee. Everyday, my highlights at work are turning on my computer in the morning and turning it off at exactly 5pm. I work in one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Los Angeles and although I am not an architect, I enjoy trying to fit in with creative people because I believe I am creative too. I just didn’t enhance that talent and I don’t know why. Aside from working full time, I also enjoy doing some sidelines here and there and working as a boss (it’s because I don’t have employees… it’s me, myself and i!).

Anyway, in this blog, I’ll tell you my experience of becoming a mom, not that what I’ve been through was that interesting but it might help you get straight answers to one of your endless questions. Or this might entertain you since you’ll be stuck for some time with your baby (don’t get me wrong, I love my baby so much and I think it’s a perfect time to take care of a baby while the world is lockdown). We’ll never know… but I spent 80% of my time on the phone reading blogs about parenting and babies after giving birth because i was CLUELESS.

I’ll also recommend products that did magic to our lives but since I’m not a writer who can make a 5-page product review, I’ll make it short and straight forward. As a matter of fact I just did my very first ever product review here.

I don’t have an editor for this blog so if you see typos or sentences that’s written incorrectly, please message me privately or keep it to yourself. Thank you! I only have advisers – UNSOLICITED advisers. As a matter of fact, the number quadrupled when I got pregnant. “Lala, don’t do this, don’t do that… You have to do this, you have to do that”. Endless unsolicited advice! I also gained a lot of managers – MICRO MANAGERS! “Lala, the way you do it is wrong… this is how you do it…” I’ll make sure to write a blog about my advisers and managers.

Lastly, NO POLITICS here! Save all your views and opinions on your Facebook wall. No debates also about current issues. Debates nowadays are never healthy. You are not trying to educate, you are trying to win. Also, the most racist people I know were the first ones who put up black photos in their social media pages. The most corrupt people I know were the ones who discussed morality in their videos and the most religious people I know were… I don’t know what to think of them. Yayks!

So there, WELCOME to my blog! Feel free to comment, give me feedback or make suggestions. I’m open to anything but sometimes I take it personally.

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